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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Just when I think that PayPerPost couldn't possibly get any better, they show me how wrong I am!! Now, in the past, I have blogged about the radical ways that PayPerPost is different from other make money by blogging companies online. Well, the new service they offer, PayPerPost Direct really blows the competitor's outta the water. I'll fill you in a on a few key ways in which PayPerPost Direct is drastically different. They are as follows:....

  1. Other companies charge massive, no let me capitalize this one, because I have researched the other options, the PPP competitors charge MASSIVE overhead.

  2. PPP competitors like Where competitors like ReviewMe will charge a 50-100% markup. Not too shabby I guess, HOWEVER, they keep up to 1/2, that's right 50% of your money!!

  3. Wanna know a HUGE difference between PPP competitors and PPP Direct? PPP Direct will only get 10% above what you, the writer does!! 5 percent of this will go to the transaction fees charged by PayPal and credit card processing fees.

So, it's really a no brainer. If you wanna write for a PPP competitor and have them keep majority of YOUR money then do it. If you want to write something and actually receive the money you should, then choose PPP Direct. PPP Direct is an awesome way for us bloggers to make and keep the most money possible for what they are paid to post. PPP Direct will also offer us bloggers the benefits and securities of a esrow-esque account to assure we WILL get PAID for our hard work. I am definately loving this new program!!!