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Sweater, n.: garment worn by child when its mother is feeling chilly. ~Ambrose Bierce

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I know I've blogged about how overprotective my mom is. Example: I never rode any "scary" fair rides as a child. Why you ask? Well, my mom would tell me to "look at those people who put those rides together! Are you seriously going to place your life in their hands?" I never ventured above the knee area into the ocean while spending a day at the beach. "Olympic swimmers can't battle a strong undertow, so you know you'd have no chance if you were pulled into one." Running a close race, my mother's penchant for guilt comes in as well. My mom is the biggest Jewish mother in the universe. A steady diet of guilt with every passing day. One thing though, WE ARE NOT JEWISH!! Here's a little background for you all:

My Mother is a Travel Agent for Guilt Trips!

How in the world did we survive this long??

OY VEY!!! Enough already

As mentioned previously, we're moving to our OWN home and property. 7 acres of property to be exact. Please keep us in your prayers, chants, etc. The knot in my stomach and tension headaches will not go away until we've closed on the land and home. I would greatly appreciate it. If we have to stay in this house much longer I am going to have a complete nervous breakdown. What?? You think I'm kidding? If everything goes okay we'll be moving within the next month and a half. I'm already packing. The area we are moving to is pretty rural, but, it's only 15 miles or so to the next city, Statesboro, which is much, much larger. The Census Data taken reflects how small out little town really is:

Brooklet, Georgia (Bulloch County)
Population: 1,113
Land Area: 3.06 miles

Sorry, I rambled on quite a bit....now back to our regularly scheduled post. Our property includes some pretty dense woods with a creek running through. No, I have not been out there. I traipsed through the woods once, and believe me, once was quite enough thank you! Well, since we are going to be "out in the country" my Mom has convinced herself that we are going to die of a snakebite if we don't do some heavy duty planning. I am not downplaying to importance of "snake safety," however, I do not sit here and think about where the fearsome rattlesnake, moccasin, etc...may be hiding. My mom? So far she's made me promise to print out instructions pertaining to snake bites and hang it somewhere handy so, when the inevitable comes I'll know what to do. Helloooooo....911 people. Mom also found the following product for us to sprinkle on every square inch of our yard. The last 2 weeks, every conversation Mom and I have shared included a new warning or tid bit of information concerning our approaching demise by snake.

Are you worried about snake infestations also? Well, no matter what you do, don't go reaching under the bushes, walking in too tall grass, going anywhere that is cool, ex: under a carport. Because those insidious reptiles are just waiting for a piece of you!! Click on the banner below to be taken to the official Snake-A-Way website.