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Thursday, May 11, 2006

My family of 5 lives in a home that is approximately 1060 square feet. We are so crowded here but we did not want to move just to rent another place. I've been working on getting some incorrect information taken off Joey's credit report. His dad "borrowed" Joey's Social Security Number and used it for various things. Great dad, huh? They have the same name, so I guess that's how he got away with it. Well...after months of disputing information, I was able to get ALL of that removed...and thus we began the quest to purchase a house. I have been a nervous wreck, we hate where we live, we hate the damn brats that run up and down the street 24/7, we hate the meth lab or two down the street, mostly we just hate having no ROOM for anything here. Nathan doesn't even has his own room. Well, I got the approval call today...we will now be living on 7 acres in a 2026 square foot home. I am so excited, as are the kidz and hubby. My friend Livey swears it's because I called her last night...she's my good luck charm...we also had our entire church praying for us to get outta here...and I am seriously thinking that Maeve's Prosperity Soap worked also! See, I had all my bases covered, Catholic prayers, Baptist Prayers and chants, spells and incantations while dancing naked around a fire!! Who could ask for anything more? Our whole life will improve, I like to think we have so many petty arguments and shit because we are crammed like sardines in here....it's like when a thirld world country gets over populated...except we don't kill and eat one another!