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I've Said it Before and I Will Say It Again - JOEY DOES NOT PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Remember when you were a kid and your very best friend came over to stay for a few days? Do you also remember how you and "your very best friend" ended up hating the sight of each other? My mom always said we were arguing and such was because we'd spent too much time together. I think I may have told y'all before the Joey is a cabinet installer. His job uses 2 man crews. So....Joey and another guy, let's call him *B* work together all day, every day. Just those two...and when he's had other partners at work, they always end up pissed at each other for a day or so after working so closely together. Today was the day for *B* and Joey to go all PMS-y on one another. And my husband is not one to let anyone get the last word. Here is a brief synopsis of his and his co-workers, errr, tift. And people say women are petty? PSHAW!!

Joey: C'mon man, you need to move faster...hurry up!!
(Joey is holding up some pretty heavy cabinets and *B* is draggin' ass)

*B* - Man you need to shutup telling me to hurry.

Joey - And you need to hurry your ass up!

*B* - You're being a dick head!

Joey - (just laughs at *B*, this incites him further)

*B* - (mumbling) I am sick of uneducated people! (*B* has a degree in something, but installs cabinets apparently?")

Joey - Yeah, that college degree did you a lot of good, Where's your educated ass standing right now? By me hanging cabinets!

*B* - Well, I won't let you use my cel phone anymore. (Joey's used it 2 or 3 times in 7 months, for urgent matters anyway)

Joey - No, please, anything but that!! Do I look like I give a damn?

*B* - I'll take it and put it up somewhere!

Joey - Tell you what, bring it here and I'll help you put it up.
Straight up your ass.
*B* - (decides to remain silent)

*B* - does something that requires using a level and marking on wall. He gets it all screwed up.

(smartass Joey enters now)

Joey - I guess you EDUCATED people can't read a level, huh? Damn, that clown college you went to really paid off for you.

No, *B* did not go to THIS clown college, Joey is never at a loss for flingin' insults and someone who's pissed him off.