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My Mother is a Travel Agent for Guilt Trips!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I've alluded to the fact that my mother and I butt heads at almost every opportunity. I love her dearly, but, she is a hard person to get along with sometimes. My sister asks why I even get upset with some of the things she says or does. I told her because one day she was going to either let me get the last word or say she's sorry for treating me like a child. My sis says, "good luck, I'm almost 50, ain't happened here yet." And now, I will share with you a few incidents on how my mom thinks and conveys her thoughts and my replies, you'll see why we clash.

The set-up: My family had been pretty faithful in attending church. Then my kids started getting sick, every week it was something new. The phone rings:

Me: Hello
Mom: Are you coming to church tomorrow?
Me: No, Nathan has a fever and Noni's really whiny I think she's coming down with something.
Mom: Hmmm...the devil just won't leave y'all alone, he sees you in church so he tries everything to keep you out.
Me: I suppose so, or they just keep catching whatever is going around like every other child.
Mom: Well, you don't have to get smart, you were raised in church and your kids should be too.
Me: Okay mom, I'll bring them and then the entire church body, of which 75% are over the age of 70 will be sick as well.
Mom: I wasn't saying it like that, you don't have to get smart with me, just forget it (click)
My mom always hangs up on me...always

Next incident:

My family had pretty much stopped being faithful churchgoers. The phone rings.

Me: Hello Mom (caller ID is awesome)
Mom: How's my babies doing?
Me: I think Nathan is getting an ear infection and Noni has an appointment Monday, her throat is hurting. Probably strep throat again.
Mom: See, you need to get your family back in church. God will take His hand off of y'all after awhile and that's how come they keep getting sick.
Me: Last time it was the devil, now God making my kids sick, are they running a tag team on me? I didn't think Satan and God spoke, much less planned and coordinated their attacks.
Mom: (click)