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It's been a hell of a week...Part 1

Thursday, June 07, 2007

And I am still not over it. This is Part One, of an I don't know how long post. I have so much hurt, anger, bitterness, apathy, hatred, I don't know what else I can add to this list. The bipolar son of a bitch man I married has not has his medication. Oh no, we HAD the money, he just used it for other things. Anyway, that does NOT make up for how I've been treated. Suffice to say, I have done nothing to deserve this. I am not the perfect wife, however, I do not sit around, in my day-to-day life and talk bad about my husband with a bunch of people that cannot stand him. That's right the bitch-in-law from hell has had her dirty little claws in my hubby all week and instead of him standing up and saying he won't talk about me, oh no, he's joined right in with the rest of the inbred idiots. Keep in mind, this is the bitch-in-law that said I slept with a 17 year old boy. Every year, these people from Ohio, whom he talks about like they are dogs and avoid calls from 1/2 the year come into town. They stay at the bitch's house. They arrived on Saturday. Let's start on that day. Shall we? He took my kidz over to that house and did not come home until 3:30 am, that's right, in the morning. We were supposed to get up as a family and attend church. Well, that flew out the window. And to top it all off? He's walking around like I have no reason to be the bitch from hell. After several more nights of coming home after 11:00pm all of this hit the fan. Oh yeah, keep in mind, I've been invited to go over there anytime I want. He's talked about "her" like she's nothing. Said F**K her several times and then? Well he practically lives over there and sits AROUND TALKING ABOUT ME.

HIM: Why do you have such an attitude? I've invited you to come along.
MOM: I have no desire whatsoever to hang around over there with someone that says such nasty things about me.

Let's keep in mind 2 of my children also said the following to me, so I know this was a "topic" of conversation as well.<br>

HIM: Look, I am trying to do better, and as a Christian you are supposed to forgive.
MOM: You are going to play the Bible card with me? That's cute. Anyway, I am supposed to forgive in my heart, no where does it say I have to hang around with Satan.
HIM: Well, I am not there to see her anyway, I wanted to see *people* from Ohio. I could care less about seeing her. What was I supposed to do?
MOM: Hmmm...let's see. Tell them that SHE said some totally inappropriate things about your WIFE and you'd love to have them come over to our house? But, no, you'd rather sit around and talk about me. That's shows a lot of balls. Oh that's right, when it comes to THEM you apparently are castrated. That means they've been cut off.

I was crying heavily at this point, but please, never mistake tears for weakness, it could just be a woman on edge, with a closet full of guns and a clueless mofo lying in her bed & anger. I've slept on the couch for weeks now anyway....what does it matter? My couch is very comfortable. Also, he knows our house is spotless, clean and only have 5 loads of laundry to do. He says HER'S reeks of a litter box. Anyhoo...

HIM: I still don't know why you are so upset. I am trying to change.

MOM: I know you understand exactly what I am saying, you know you've done wrong, or else I've married the biggest idiot in the world. Hey, either one is entirely believable at this point. I have never disrespected you like you have me these past few days. In fact, when you are in your bipolar phase, I've told plenty of people, "Hey, that's my husband....regardless of his faults that my husband, let's change the subject. Kinda like, I can say he's horrible just no one else can.

In real life, I appreciate any and all feedback online...k? It's just really hard in person to listen to stuff like that.

MOM: Look, I have never given you any reason to mistrust me, doubt me and you have never once had to wonder where I was. I don't care. For a long time now I have lived for four people, you and my kidz. Well, that's over. You are no longer on the list. Your house will be clean, your clothes washed and meals made. I feel that you work so it's what I am supposed to do at this point. However, do NOT mistake this for some meek and mild role. I WILL make my money by doing stuff online, I WILL spend it on the kids and myself. You continue on with your life, that's fine and just as soon as I am able to leave this hell hole and live with my kids on my own I will. Nathan will be in school in one more year. What kind of person would pay $350 to join a hunting club while his wife has glasses that are pieced together? I have not had a new pair of glasses since Noni was a year old, she is now almost 6. I can't drive at night anymore because they are not strong enough, they don't work to read anymore, the plastic thing on the ear is gone for God's sake. What have I asked for? $100 for new glasses from America's Best. When you needed glasses, with the weakest prescription known to man, you lost them within a month you paid over $400 for them...What kind of husband??? Well, hell, I know the answer to that....the kind of husband that sits around and talks about his wife with people who can't stand her.

Am I being unreasonable? There is so much more of this story...however, in order to earn money for my glasses, I must continue this later with a post #2.

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