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Sure They Look All Innocent and Adorable

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

But they are not. They are just mean ass cats. I don't know why they have chosen me to fall victim to their maniacal tricks. What do they do you ask? Well, let's see...hmmm...My laundry room has a folding table thingy I came up with. As you can see the litter box is right below it.
I swear by all things holy that if these two were hard and fast asleep, they would hear me unloading the dryer....it is at this time both crawl in the box and take the most godawful crap known to mankind. I have been leaning over getting something outta the dryer and they do it right then!! It is a sickening smell...It's worst than cat shit...oh wait...it is cat shit. Another one of their evil deeds? They wait until I am scooping out the litter box and turn my back put the bag of poop and pee in the plastic bag and then the trashcan, you know...the clumps...when I am not looking at them for all of 1/2 minute, yep....you guessed....The"time to make her gag" plan has commenced!!

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