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Ahhh....Today Was A Good Day....

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I don't believe the difference a few pills make in a person's life. Nicklaus came in, had his snack and DID HIS HOMEWORK. No yelling, no fussing, and no mindless repetitions of nonsensical phrases< (his latest was "giant rodents, giant rodents, giant rodents" repeated a million times....now you understand the name of the blog, huh?) Nicklaus decided that was a key phrase when we were going to the doctor the other day-WITH MY PARENTS-and their van broke down, on the side of the road. Nerves were frayed, and the mindless droning of "GIANT RODENTS, GIANT RODENTS, GIANT RODENTS" made, the usually unflappable Nanny (my mom) yell, "Nicklaus, honey, please, please SHUT UP...JUST SHUT UP, why are you saying Giant Rodents????" Yep...we all giggled a little bit, until, yep you guessed it, as we sat there stranded on the side of the road, the chorus of "Giant Rodents" began again. As usual I had my trusty camera, and this is what the Natester looked like....kinda bewildered by the whole "Giant Rodent" serenade, ya think? Or is it more, "Mom, please make him shut the hell up!"?

We've even got the bipolar, crazy ass husband's medications in sync with life (for now.) He was taking it all wrong. He takes 1500 mg of Depakote a day, he's supposed to take 1 Depakote and 1 of the Zyprexa pills in the morning and then 2 Depakote and an Effexor at night. He's been taking all of them at night, even when I told him that it wasn't the correct way. He started listening to me and the higher dosage of Zyprexa is really helping too....So much so that he and Nicklaus sat down and played a game of checkers, he sat and let Noni read to him. It was almost like a normal house....except for the fact that it is STILL the NUTZ household!!!

And the unexpected always happens...for instance....Nathan and I were here today, in our "potty training mode" and he comes up to me and says, "Momma I Dooooooooookied" no I did not teach him that word, it must have been one of the others. So, I tell him, "You've been telling mommy all day that you are not a baby you are a boy, boys don't "dookie" in their pants!" So, my little cherub looks at me and says, "I a stink butt momma..." and as I change him, he grins his maniacal little grin and asks, "I wotten Momma??" Which translates, "Am I rotten?" To which a mom can only say, "Yes, you stink like...errr...DOOOOOOOOKIIIIIIEEEEEEE"

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