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I'll Let You Know How That Went For Me...k?

Monday, January 29, 2007

Being the wonderfully sane mother that I am, I wanted to share a tale with all three of my readers. As you've read before Nicklaus has ADHD. Well, I had quite an epiphany several months ago. No longer did I find it necessary to load my kid up with medication. I did not like the implications. See, if I gave him this medication for his ADHD then I had somehow failed as a mother. So, I got on my little gateway to the world and Googled me some natural remedies. It seems the high and mighty folks over there at Harvard somehow deduced amongst themselves that Magnesium and B-6 somehow did the trick. Another study showed that Soy Lecithin in conjunction with the first two worked wonders. Woohee...I was a Magnesium, B-6 and stirring Soy Lecithin into applesauce momma. Wanna know how that worked? Well after three months of doing this I had the following conversation with my son's doctor.

Dr. Kim: So, did you want him to get back on the Concerta and Focalin?

Mom: Well, if you have a tranquilizer gun I'd prefer that. Hmmm...I can see by the look in your eyes that a tranq gun is outta the question...So, yes, load us up with the Concerta and Focalin.....

I wear my badge of failure proudly. I also have a huge bottle of Soy Lecithin...I may Google it and see what else I can use it for......bipolar husbands perhaps? I'll let you know...stay tuned...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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