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"I Came Home From School One Day With A Shiner On My Eye"

Sunday, January 28, 2007

(It's a song by George Strait, in case you're wondering)

Anyway, the reason I used those lyrics as my post title you wonder?

Well, I'll tell you. What? You thought I wouldn't? I went to pick up Nicklaus and Noni a few minutes earlier on Friday. Went in, signed them out and the secretary paged the kidz. I am looking down the hall and Noni's teacher left the class to walk with her, this has not happened before. As Noni got closer I noticed she had a red mark on her face. The teacher started explaining before I could say a word. It seems Noni ran into a little boy in her class. Her teacher apologized profusely, I said "No Big Deal, accidents happen." When I asked her how long she cried is when the really interesting part comes in. Let me describe a typical scenario for you....hmmm....oh yeah...wait I have it. Just the other day Nicklaus bumped into her and she hit her hip. Dear God you would have thought he shot her in the knees. She immediately fell to the ground wailing at top volume to boot. Noni did not get the nickname "Drama Queen" for nothing folks. I kid you not, I walk into the room and she's crawling around like a paraplegic that's fallen out of his wheelchair. A truly pitiful sight to behold I assure you. She cried off and on for the remainder of the night. HOWEVER, when I asked her teacher how long she replied, the answer was "She did not cry at all." WHAT???? Why do kidz do that?? Or is it just my SPAWN sweet children?? (By the way, the eye turned really blue after the first day.)