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Meaner than a Striped Snake....

Thursday, December 22, 2005

*****Please see last item for a really cool thing about this pic!!*****

Noni is a precocious child...to say the least....When I found out I was having Nathan, our first prayer was, "Please....let it be a boy." And when a woozle showed up on the ultrasound, yep...happy whoopin' and hollerin' went on. Why? The short answer...girls are a LOT more work that boys. Simpler still? GIRLS ARE MEAN...WE COME OUT WITH A MEAN GENE FIRMLY IN PLACE AND IT NEVER LEAVES, AT LEAST NOT FOR A LONG, LONG, TIME!! Little (and big) girls think, say and do things that boys don't even think of....need illustrations? Honey, you know I have them....please see below....

Nicklaus woke up one morning last week, came into the living room and sat down in front of the television. Noni and her daddy were gone to the store. I asked him a question, and when he turned around, his face looked like the pictures you see. I asked him "What is that on your face?" He looked in the mirror and uttered one word, "NONI!!!!"
When Noni was asked what she'd put on her brother's face, she replied, very nonchalantly, "Lipstick." When asked why, her answer was, "I thought it would be funny." It was...to everyone except Nicklaus.

Nicklaus received a Radio Control Hummer for Christmas last year. He asked me , "Please don't let Noni in my room in the morning, please, okay?" I replied, "Okay, but why? The lipstick thing?" He answered, "Well, that and the fact she sticks my Hummer up my butt and then presses Drive" We asked her, "Where did you get the idea to stick a Hummer up your big brothers butt and then drive it forward?" She replied, "My brain."

While in "the place we do not speak of" Noni thought she'd actually get this outfit. It's a Santa Claus Teddy. Complete with thong panties. I took the picture to show daddy what his little girl wants. He was not amused. Especially when being told another outfit had the strap thingies for her pantyhose.

Santa Claus came to Noni's school for her Christmas performance and party. Nathan and she grabbed a knee on the old man's lap.
Nathan was quite content for a few minutes.
However, when Noni started Noni started naming the things she'd like old Ho Ho to bring, Nathan decided the basket of candy canes looked pretty darn good. Who knows how long "Her Majesty's" list may be?

The pic on top is cool, because:
Noni is wearing a hat that is about 50 years old!! It belonged to my grandmother, who is no longer living. I, my sister and my niece all played dress up with the very same hats!! I love them, and I'm really glad my mom has them all at her house!!