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Five weird habits of highly weird children

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Okay, it's a little late, but I just found out Angie over at Ficken Chingers tagged me. I have to put down 5 weird things my kidz do...only 5???? Well, that's gonna be a tough one, narrowing it down to only 5 things....but here goes:

1) Nicklaus has conversations with himself, constantly. In his room, waiting for the bus, wherever, he's having conversations. If asked who he's talking to, he always replies, "Just me." As long as he doesn't say "the voices in my head," and he keeps enjoying his own wittiness so much, I'm not calling therapists just yet.

2) This is a fairly new development in the NUTZ household, since hunting season began. Nicklaus is incapable of going outside to play without every piece of his clothing being camoflague. We're talking hat, pants, shirt, boots and to top it all off, he even puts his orange vest on. Never can be too careful in that front yard son, especially during deer season.

3) Within 10 minutes of Noni entering our front door she's stripped off all her clothing except her underwear. Sometimes she'll put on the top of a bathing suit, which she calls her "bra" and that's how she stays, all day, inside and when you put her in her PJ's for bedtime, by the time she wakes up in the morning, at some point during the night, she's removed all of it, and yep, she's in her panties again.

4) Another Noni habit is she hides cheese, like a rat, when you clean her room, you're gonna find at least 2 wrapped slices of American cheese under her bed or somewhere. I don't know if she's concerned a famine will strike while she sleeps, or if she's just attached to cheese. Either way, it's kind of gross finding cheese.

And, last, but not least, Nathan.
5) Well, you're read my blog. If you haven't, scroll down. There's only one way to say this, Nathan is obsessed with crap. His own crap, he likes to smear it, throw it, put it in his sister's toys, decorate with it. You name it, and Nathan will do it with his feces.

So, that's my list...anyone who wants to do one, go for it, but let me know so I can read yours, and reassure myself that weird kidz are everywhere, not just my house.