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Total "I Am So Going To Hell" Mommy Moment

Friday, June 22, 2007

If you'd have been a fly on the wall at the Nutz household, you would have heard me telling the kidz to pick up their mess, them putting off doing it and this, WWJD inspired phrase coming outta my mouth, yelled at the top 0f my lungs:

If you don't get off of your butts, pick up your crap and put it away so I can vacuum and straighten up, then I SWEAR TO GOD, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DAMN BIBLE SCHOOL TONIGHT....YOU WON'T NEED TO, YOU'LL BE SEEING JESUS PERSONALLY IN A COUPLE OF MINUTES BECAUSE I WILL KILL YOU!!!!

Ah yes, there goes that Mother of the Year Award once again....damn....I'll never win. But, I do have a neat and tidy den and living room at the moment. BWAHAHAHAHA

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