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Thursday, June 21, 2007

I love sending E-Cards. I am really forgetful about people's birthdays and other special days. And for me to 1) actually buy a paper card or 2) if I did buy the card remembering to mail it, or even having stamps would be a miracle in and of itself! So, I pretty much do the E-Card thing. I found a really cool site that will get you uber-excited about summer. You'll feel like you're in the dunes first thing when the site loads! Sounds of seagulls and waves crashing to shore greet you upon your arrival. The next way to enjoy the summer months from the comfort of your own chair? Why, you can create your very own sandcastle, which upon completion, will be uploaded and stored on the web site for all to see! You can also download the castle to save as wallpaper or send as an e-card to friends and family. I recruited Nathan to help me with this one. He's only three years old, and as you can see, he loves bright colors!! We had a blast designing this castle and it was simple to design. He simply pointed to a sand castle block, then pointed where he wanted it and the process was simply click and drag. When you place the object, a circular option menu pops up and he would point to the color he wanted it. There were also a few accessories to choose from, such as beach balls, sand buckets, flags and on and on! I am going to let Nicklaus and Noni design one tomorrow and send them to Nanny!!

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