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I Am A Total Wreck....

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I went outside last night to move my car, I got in, started it up and backed up. I backed up over Loki...the puppy that had become my baby...I really don't get that attached to animals anymore...but Loki was different, I truly loved him and he loved me...he loved for me to just tote him around like a big ol' baby...when I got out of the car and saw him...I was hysterical...his luck did not hold out for a second turn at getting ran over, he died immediately...I've been up all night....I treated that pup like a baby and I am really going to miss him. Plus, I have to tell my kidz in another hour or so....I did find out how blessed I am though to have a true friend like Linda...I called her sobbing loudly, only having 5 minutes left for long distance on my card and she called me right back, calmed me down and I love her for it...true friends are a rare find...I'm glad we found each other!