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Monday, October 23, 2006

Yeehaw...my huzzband killed his first deer this weekend and the really cool part is this one was on our land also!! If you can't tell by the pictures, he is extremely excited. The deer was a really big doe. And before any of you tell me again via email how barbaric hunting is and how I should be hunted....don't.....just go ahead and say "Kiss My Ass" out loud, then ingest a liberal portion of "Shut the Fuck Up" next bitch slap yourself and consider all three from me. My freezer is full of meat so my family can have enough money to pay things like electricity, mortgage, etc. My husband didn't just wake up Saturday morning and say, "Hmmmm....I think I'll go shoot something just to watch it die. And now, for your viewing pleasure, MomIsNutz is proud to present, a phenomenal pictoral depiction of one dead ass deer and one glad ass huzzband.

And, once again my redneck children played with the poor creature's cut off leg....OY!!