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Thursday, May 11, 2006

About a month ago my niece called and said, "I need to ask you something. Would you let us take Nicklaus to Disney in May?" Of course my reply was, "Let you take him...hell I have 2 more that you can have to take also!" She declined that offer. I say niece and most people assume she's a little kid. She's not...my sister was older than I was by 12 years. She got married when I was 6, and had Lisa within the first year...so, Lisa and I are only 6 years apart in age. She and her husband have no children, and most likely never will. It's not something they want to do...more power to them. I'm fine with it....that means my kidz get more stuff from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Brian! (Just kidding.) Anyway, while in Florida, Lisa called me one evening. It went like this:

Me: Hello

Lisa: Kellie I love you but I am going to kill your husband.

Me: Hell, he's insured, go ahead. Nah, seriously, why?

Lisa: Because Nicklaus was at Sea World today and looked at me and said, "I have to go take a dump." In a loud voice! I told him not to say it that way. So, he proceeded to tell me, "well, I have to take the Browns to the Super Bowl."

(Please keep in mind I am relaying all of this to hubby at the same time.)

Hubby: At least he didn't tell her he had to take the Cosby kids to the pool.

Lisa: Oh yes he did, and that is the exact sentence he used!

Why can't the male gender just say, "I have to go to the restroom?"