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Ummm....No You Don't

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Nicklaus has come up with another weiner winner. By this I mean...another comment or question he gets in his head, speaks it out loud, and after I quit giggling....I rush in here to share with all of you:

We were riding to go pick up Noni from Preschool. Her last day...she graduates tonight, Yeah Noni!! Anyway, I listen to talk radio almost all the time, sometimes I need a little rap in my life, today, definately talk radio. Anyway, I usually don't even hear the commercials. Apparently, Nicklaus does.

NICKLAUS: Mom, I know I have ADHD, does that mean I have ED or I'll get that when I'm older?

ME: ED? What are you talking about, ED, what is ED?

NICKLAUS: Well, we've heard 3 or 4 commercials talking about it, erector dysfunctional, and it's all men talking about it.

ME: Well, slap me clueless, what are you talking about? ED? What the hell is ED? I have never heard of erector dysfun..(insert light bulb here over my damn head, he was talking about ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, and on talk radio, the ads for one treatment or another are numerous)...OMG, Nicklaus, no because you have ADHD doesn't mean you will have now, nor in the future any form of ED.

NICKLAUS: What is ED exactly, Mom?

ME: Well, it's uh, well....you know what? Ask Daddy when he gets home, he'll know how to explain that to ya, k?