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Anything BOYZ can do...NONI CAN DO BETTER!!

Monday, May 15, 2006

While Nicklaus was down in the Land of Disney, Noni made her Daddy take her fishing...it was her turn. So, Joey got out the poles, rods, tackle, etc. and they headed out. Keep in mind, Joey and Nicklaus constantly disappear for hours to go fishing. When they return, the response to , "Did you catch anything?" Is usually, "Yeah, they were too small, had to throw them back." Well, Daddy grabbed Noni's Lil' Zebco, here is a picture I found online to show you what it looks like:

Yep, Barbie Rod and Tackle Box. Barbie kicks bootay though. I'll share the following picture with you as well. It's a Bass she caught, on her own, reeled in on her own, and then caught a few more just about as big. Needless to say....none were thrown back. GIRLS KICK BUTT...AS LEAST MINE DOES....LOL