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Thursday, February 09, 2006

I had to run in "the place we do not speak of" this morning when I took Noni to school. I just needed a few items, and while I was grabbing them, I got a dozen doughnuts from the bakery and let Noni and Nathan eat one...since I was rather hungry, I wolfed one down as well, and Noni and Nathan shared a chocolate milk. I had a Starbucks Mocha Cappucinno. Anyhoo....when I went to pay with my PayPal debit card, it kept declining my card. I had the money in the account, the total of my purchase was $18.02 and I had 29.00 bux in my account. They later apologized when I called them, there was a glitch in the system or something. Anyway, I had to give all the stuff back to the clerk. What does one say in the situation? Perhaps, y'all are different...but due to the shitty attitudes they had...all I said was, "Thanks for breakfast!"