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Sure, sure, yeah...it's funny now....

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You know how they make those old guys that can't hear in the movies sound? You know, putting their hands to their ear, saying, "Ehhhh???" That's the sound I heard when I walked out onto my front porch this morning. Of course, I only heard it in reply to this phrase: "Nathan honey, open the door, open the door for Mommy, turn the little knob back." "EHHHHH????" I said the above about oh....9-10 times. It ended up being...."NATHAN, UNLOCK THE DAMN DOOR, NOW..NATHAN, YOU BETTER LET ME IN, NATHAN WE HAVE TO GO GET SISSY....OPEN THE FRIGGIN' DOOR NOW...DAMMIT...."


I was able to cat burgle (is that a word?) into my house to any that are interested....