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Momma always said, Stupid is as stupid does...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I believe I have mentioned on my blog that my hubby is bi-polar. If you are familiar with this, it's one hell of a ride for everyone involved. He handles it pretty well most of the time. This weekend was not one of those times. He ran out of Lexapro, didn't have any for 2 days, by the way, that was ALL he was on for bi-polar anyway. Well, I got my little research hat on and found out he was supposed to be taking a mood stabilizer with the Lexapro. Also, if you take Lexapro, and you are bi-polar, the withdrawal can effect you in the manner of inciting a manic episode. Anyway, we made it through and we even had a talk about the additional drugs, he told my that several months ago the doctor was going to call in a prescription for the mood stabilizing medication. Needless to say, they hadn't and he never followed back up on it. Well, I entered our refills online for Wal-Mart the place we do not speak of. Monday morning I went to pick it up, as if I thought those morons could get anything right. First they told me they had not heard back from the doctor's office. When asked why they had called his office, they told me he needed to authorize refills. Bullshit, there are 4 refills on each, and I told the crabby old bitch that. She says, "Well maybe they have expired." Again, impossible. Then I'm asked if I had used the pharmacy before. Yes, for about 5 years now. To not ramble on, the pharmacist came over and did whatever he had to do and I was told to come back in 30 minutes to pick up my meds. Two hours later the prescriptions were ready. When the crabby bitch rang them up, she said I owed $50. Huh? Our insurance pays $20 for name brand and $10 for generic. She told me, no you have three, we don't make mistakes dear. (Go to hell) She then tells me the name of the 3rd medication is Toprol-xl. It is in my name. I think, isn't that a mood thingy drug? Toprol...hmm...so, I paid for it, I didn't care if the damn bottle had Osama Bin Laden's name on it, if it would keep the mad hatter I married in a better mood, more power to it. However, upon checking (I always look up our medicines) , I had confused Toprol with Topamax. After seeing what this drug Toprol is used for, (high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart) I called our doctor. I told the nurse, if this stuff is really mine, shouldn't someone have told me I had one of the conditions this medicine treats? Needless to say, it does not belong to anyone in this house. Since the doctor had left for the day, she assured me that on Tuesday morning something would be called in, and I told her to send it to the same place. As much as I hated to go back, I had to exchange this medicine. I needed one medication this time, with Joey's name on it. When I got there the pharmacist, never apologizing, said, someone entered your name in a file that was on the screen so it wasn't yours. I of course said, do you even understand the danger in handing out medicines to people they are not for? And with crabby bitch standing there, I said, "Perhaps, I speak out of turn though. Wasn't it you (looking at the crabby bitch) that said you don't make mistakes?" She kinda huffed and I think she was trying to look mean, but who could tell with that lemon pucker face she has. I go to the counter in the pharmacy to check out. And lo and behold, the girl says, "I have both of your prescriptions right here." Both, both? You mean there are two prescriptions in that bag. Holy hell, are y'all in some type of dumbass contest? If so, y'all are winning, I know. I want the Zyprex, only the Zyprex." She, being of superior intellect, then asked, "Okay, so you don't want the Ibuprofen?" "Give me the Zyprex, only the Zyprex, nothing more, if I don't get it soon, after 2 days of dealing with you people, I am going to totally lose it. So, give me the medicine before someone gets hurt." I got the medicine and Joey and I figured out what the Ibuprofen was for....when he hurt his back in October. I'm telling you now, as I've told you before, you don't even need to know how to count or tie your shoes to work at "the place we do not speak of" you merely have to check the box on the application that says, "I am a dumbass"