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Some people are like slinkies: not really good for anything... but you can't help laughing when you push them down the stairs.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Before I start ranting and raving about source of my anger, I am totally confused about the meaning of two words. Apparently, what I, a fairly smart woman with a degree in English, thinks the words mean is absolutely moronic in nature. This post isn't racist in nature, merely a post where I ponder the absurdity of certain things in this world. The words in question are as follows:

  1. advancement -
    A forward step; an improvement.
    Development; progress: the advancement of knowledge.
    A promotion, as in rank.
    The act of moving forward.

  2. equality-a state of being essentially equal or equivalent; equally balanced; "on a par with the best"
Are you wondering what event set me off, ready to go postal? Well...just a little matter with the NAACP(National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and their stand on a new bill passed in Georgia. The bill states that people are not allowed to vote without a proper, picture ID. Dear lord, you would have thought a bill allowing the Ku Klux Klan to build a national meeting place in their city or state was passed. The following will explain exactly what I am talking about:

Legislation signed by Republican Gov. Sonny Perdue

Wednesday would require residents to show up at the

polls with a driver's license, military ID or state-issued

identification card with a photo. The bill has set off some

emotional and racial debates with critics who argue that

the measure deprives the poor, the elderly and minorities

less likely to have driver's licenses. They charged that

it's an effort by majority Republicans to make voting

more difficult for Blacks, who tend to vote Democratic.

While lawmakers say the bill is designed to prevent

voter fraud, the NAACP believes it’s a ploy to keep the

Democratic base of the poor and elderly Blacks from

"So we still think that this is an infringement," said

Richard Shinhoster of the Savannah NAACP.

"We're aware that Secretary of State Cathy Cox

testified that this was not fraud. We have more errors

occurring with absentee ballots in this area. So we

question the need to fix something that's not broken.

"Supporters said it would help fight voter fraud.

Critics argued it would disenfranchise the poor, minorities or elderly _

people who are less likely to have driver's licenses.

Those who helped pass the new bill do not believe that

a utility bill pulled out of a trash should enable someone to cast

a ballot," Perdue said. "It's a great step forward for the integrity

of our voting process." Similar legislation last year was blocked

by a federal judge because a state ID fee would have amounted

to an unconstitutional poll tax. This year's bill waives that fee.

Okay, let me throw in my two cent's worth.

  1. Did this article not state plainly that there were various options ID options available? The only one they seem to recognize is a driver's license. A state-identification card is available also and the cost is ZERO. So, that kind of throws the whole "can't afford to get one," out the window, huh?

  2. EQUALITY - the NAACP would piss me the hell off if I were black. How are you going to stand up in front of a crowd, tell them about the poor unfortunate souls in this world. The whole equality thing is blown out of the water in the first few sentences of his rhetoric. Nonetheless, making exceptions for any group due to skin color, education, religion, etc. is not a symbol of equality. Refusing to go and get an ID because "the racist government got me again. No, you got yourself. If a person isn't capable of taking care of this simple task, perhaps voting may not be a great idea. I have a hunch though that sometime before an election, someone from some organization will come out and pick up a whole neighborhood and take them to get their ID. Hell, when the polls are open, those same groups do everything short of roping people and throwing them in whatever mode of transportation is available.
  3. The NAACP was formed for the "Advancement" of Colored People. When the NAACP whines and moans about unfair treatment toward other races, they do nothing in the way of healing the divide (that pretty much lives in this groups brain.) So, you're not advancing, you're retreating.