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Yabba Dabba F'ing Dooooo.....

Friday, October 14, 2005

Just a small section of my kitchen floor.

Now, my story will in no way be as entertaining as Katy's or Christy's little mishap with Katy's lube and sex toys toddler fiasco. The fact of the matter is, in my house sex toys are not something that's common. Unless you count making sure you don't get a Lego stuck in the crack of your butt while you and the hubby are getting busy. And, I can assure you....Lego's are not ribbed for her pleasure! Okay, back to MY story. I heard something around 4 am in our kitchen. Since Nathan and Noni had fallen asleep on the couch, we left them there. I looked and Noni was firmly ensconced in her daddy's arms so I knew it wasn't her. I got up and before I saw what was going on, I heard the crunch. Yep, the Super Duper Size Box of Fruity Pebbles was from one end of my kitchen to the other. Nathan had poured them out for Sable, the puppy, to enjoy, while Nathan was eating his Sponge Bob cereal. What did I do? I got a bowl, poured some Sponge Bob in it for the Natester. Put Sable outside. Put PBS Sprout on, parked Nate in front of the TV and proceeded to sweep up all those fruity-de-licious pebbles. Damn....have you ever thought how many millions of those are in a box? After last night, I can answer this question honestly with a hell, yes. And, if you're wondering. I am a camera whore and I take pictures of everything that I intend to write about in my blog. Pathetic, I know. But, that's me.....did 'ja not notice the NUTZ on my name?