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What Else Did I Expect??

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I absolutely loved the exhibit I visited with Nicklaus' class yesterday. The title of which is: Maxfield Parrish: Master of Make-Believe. His use of colors and models and photographs truly marked him as a genius. He painted well into his 80's. He died in the late 1960's, I think. Anyway, I loved his work. When to field trip was over, Nicklaus rode home with me instead of taking the school bus back to school. Our conversation went something like this:
Mom: Wow, Nick, did you see the way the artist used such vibrant colors?
It seemed like a lot of the paintings were illuminated, but, they
weren't. Did you enjoy it?

Nicklaus: Yeah, I had fun...did you see the naked statues? A man and a woman.
the man's wiener looked kinda small (Nicklaus no longer has a woozle,
he is 9, he's informed me that it is now a wiener.) And the woman statue,
that was cool, (giggle, giggle) but what happened to her fingers?
Where were they? Did you see the one sketch, the woman didn't talk about?
The one in pencil? It was a man, nekkid, you could see his butt...and the name of it was, (snicker, snicker, laugh, laugh) NUDE!! You get it Mom? You get it?
Alrighty then, yep....Mom's got it. Yep, that boy's gonna do me real proud one day. The statues were not a part of the exhibit we were viewing. But, my ever observant child not only noted damage to the female's fingers, he also was quite observant to the size of the male's crowning glory (umm...it was small, very small..teehee) And the only print, painting or work by Parrish he recalls is the pencil sketch on a piece of standard 8" x 11" white paper of the back of a nude man. Yeehaww...that boy's done went and got himself some culture!