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Hmmm...okay, so for ONE moment it was the pot calling the kettle black..sort of

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I will admit I am an avid watcher, fan doesn't seem to be the right word, of Dog, The Bounty Hunter. I will admit to thinking Dog's wife, Beth, is uber-cool, why? You'd have to read about her, she's one tough woman with a razor sharp mind and her business sense is out of this world. I also watched The Anna Nicole Show, but that was more like seeing a train wreck with lots of gore and not being able to turn away. Anyway, last night they had about 4 or 5 back to back episodes of Dog on. I was in our bedroom watching the show, Joey refuses to watch more than 5 minutes. He is convinced they put them on TV to show what dumbasses do in Hawaii. Anyway, after about the 2nd episode I came out of the room and rushed to smoke a cig, outside, before the commercial was over. The hubster came out with me. I made the comment that I did not understand why the "hunters" all joined hands before going out to capture a fugitive, said really heartfelt prayers, ended the prayers with "In Jesus' Name" and then would say something like, "let's go get the mother f*ckers!!" That is only an example of one time, they usually say something profanity laden after their little talk with God. Hubby looks at me and says, "I guess the same way you tell the kidz you're going to beat their ass if they don't quit playing and get ready for Sunday School, or when you say to hell with church we're just staying in the damn house, I will not walk in late AGAIN, damn, shit, f*ck...etc..." Okay, maybe he had a point, but I always tell them to remember "Jesus loves them" while I'm tearing their ass up....