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Okay...so it's really Saturday err...Sunday

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hey, I have 3...count them 3 kidz....I am soooo disorganized...but here's some freebies I hope you'll like!! Just click on the description of freebie....I got my razor and catfish recipe book, from previous posts, did any of you?

  1. Halloween is just around the corner. And here at Holiday-giveaways we're always giving something holiday themed away. From now until Halloween you can get free Halloween Scarey Sounc CD when you complete the following form.

  2. free pair of Hanes panties while supplies last

  3. Thank you for taking our short survey. Please enter your information below, so we may send you your free sample of our Paper Mate Flexgrip Elite! (first 1000)

  4. Free Dinner for Military Personnel nov 14 at Golden Corral 5-9pm

  5. Free Recipe CD from Simi Winery

  6. I have a ton of homeschool & teacher freebie links, if you would like to see them, please email me writing4areason@aol.com
  7. Free Address Labels,you do NOT have to make donations, but these are for a great cause anyway.
    Paralyzed Veterans of America
    United Spinal Association
    American Diabetes Association

I hope there is something here y'all can use!! Have a great week!! Also, is anyone interested in buying a bear or ladybug costume for their toddler's Halloween costume? If so let me know...I have 2 bears and a bug....lol