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Thursday, September 08, 2005

I was watching a recap on Fox or CNN or one of those news stations and they were talking to one of the Katrina survivors. This lady was in a shelter, one of the Domes or whatever, and she really PISSED me off. Was she thanking God she was alive? Grateful for help received? Hell no, this woman was complaining that the food they gave her was not edible. The food? OMG...they dared give this woman crackers and some cold "raviolis" in a cup. Now, let's think about this for a moment, shall we? Apparently this woman was piss poor or stupid to begin with because she did NOT leave the city. Mayor, Governor or whatever be damned, I live in Savannah, Georgia. We hear a Category 2 is headed this way and the town clears out. The Civic Center a few years ago was the central meeting point for those who could not leave, they had EVERY city bus there transporting these people. But, that is besides the point, if this ungrateful witch was used to such high falutin' living, what the hell was she doing in a damn shelter? They were showing roofs with holes in them where people had CLAWED their way out trying to avoid being drowned, there were people stuck on roofs, babies that had died were tied to posts, 30 elderly residents that drowned in a nursing home, a 5 year old gang raped and throat slashed and this bitch had the nerve to complain about Saltines and canned pasta. People are swimming in waters infested with every bacteria known to man, shit and dead bodies floating by, and some of these ungrateful people are complaining that the government is not doing enough to help them, not feeding and clothing them correctly. This woman said you could hardly sleep, the cot was hard and the place noisy. Poor baby. I would love to have 5 minutes alone with her and I'd love to take her to a house that has corpses in it, let her smell the stench, feel the desperation and then maybe she would realize that the dead in this would give anything to have a cracker, see and hear people, lie on a hard cot. Instead, they are either floating in water, bloated or decomposing, rotting in a house. I really don't think this dumb bitch would gather that though. How could one person be so ungrateful? All I can figure is this. She is the same type that given the chance would have been looting stores taking handbags and televisions. She waits by the mailbox every month for the racist government to send her money and food stamps and then she complains it's not enough. Damn...it's not the government's fault that you were hit by a hurricane. It's an act of nature. And if you want more than crackers and cold "raviolis" then you should have taken your ass out of New Orleans and made reservations at the Marriott since you are obviously accustomed to nicer accomadations. If you couldn't or didn't do this? Then shut the FUCK up and learn how to say thank you. Maybe go over there and comfort the mother or father who have no idea where their child is, or the ones that know exactly where they are, and are now waiting for the body to be gathered and taken somewhere. Or, take a walk out in the city that you are in, maybe one of the snipers won't recognize a kindred soul and just put a round in your dumb ass and you won't be subject to the torturous conditions you complain about.