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Nope, I haven't learned not to ask yet....

Saturday, September 17, 2005

On the way to eat pizza this evening at Ci Ci's. Do y'all have those? $3.50 gets you all the pizza, drink and salad you can eat...Woohoo...a favorite eating place for this matriarch of a family of 5. Anyway...we passed a field and hubby exclaimed: "Holy crap, did you smell that??" To which the kidz and I replied, "No, what was it?" Hubby, the prince of comparisons said, "Hell, I don't know, but it smelled like a bucket of rotten worms!!" I had to say, "How in the heck do you know what a bucket of rotting worms smells like?" To which I received this reply, "You haven't ever left the bucket of worms in your car after fishing and then opened them up the next day or so?" "Um, honey, nope, never happened to me..."