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Well, this is sure to piss someone off...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

But would it be my blog if I didn't? At least once in a while? I guess it's fairly obvious that I am NOT a Democrat. That being said, I have one HUGE question for the Mayor of New Orleans, the Governor of New Orleans and the various Senators and such. Democrats have historically courted the African-American vote, they fall shy of offering manna from Heaven or 40 acres and a mule for everyone. That being said, and knowing that Louisiana, primarily New Orleans has been Democrat run for the last 70+ years. Can anyone explain to me the high rate of unemployment? the poverty? the lack of caring by the elected officials? After 70 years, hell let's just take the present, with such outstanding leadership as Mayor Ray "You're on your own" Nagin, why weren't these people all employed, with vehicles, able to run at a moment's notice? And why has this clown not even once said, "well, maybe we goofed a bit?"(did anyone else see the buses underwater??? Drivers?? Drivers?? Just another lame excuse) Because, in the age of "let's blame it on someone else," he did as expected, he blamed everyone available and even those not available. Damn, just admit that you had some fault man. President Bush, took one for the team basically. Bush declared an emergency state 24 hours BEFORE Nagin even declared one. This is nuts, it's not racial. I'd be willing to bet that if we looked closely at who contributed what for Katrina, there would be a hell of a lot of white people's names listed. But, we're all racist. Whatever, Nagin is Nero....he was fiddling like hell when ROME New Orleans BURNED drowned. By the way, Nagin and his family are doing quite well in their new home...IN DALLAS, TEXAS.