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Things I Will Never Understand...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Well, it's been a while since Mom's gone on a tangent about things that bug the hell outta me, hasn't it? Wait no more...I have both guns loaded and I'm ready to fire off a little rant for ya!!

1) Am I the only one that finds this ludicrous??(that means nutz or crazy by the way. I'm not referring to a rapper from A-town.)

My kidz' pediatrician used to be spectacular, above and beyond what anyone could expect from a physician these days. Alas, as most things go, the practice grew, new doctors came on staff and service got horrible. The receptionists are rude and then nurses? Well, let me tell you about the one that has Noni terrified of doctors now. This BITCHnurse is horrible with children. She jammed a Q-tip thingy down my girl's throat for her strep test, it hurt Noni somewhat, she cried a LITTLE bit. This paragon of human compassion told my 4 year old to "act your age not your shoe size" and when I said, "She's never had a problem before," This nut replied, "It just must be my winning way with children!" WTF??? Of course, I could not let that one pass, I had to tell her, "You don't like kids, so yeah, I get it, pediatric nursing is the career choice for you." What pales in comparison with this little interlude is the conversation I had the the PEDIATRICIAN later. I complained about this woman and the doctor's reply?? Get ready for this one, okay, I swear this is what I was told: "I know, I've had several parents complain, we try to keep her away from children." If someone can explain how to get a job in a pediatrician's office as a pediatric nurse and not have to deal with kids, I'd love it. That had to rank up there with the top 10 stupid ass things I have heard in my lifetime.

2) While shopping in the "place we do not speak of"

I paid for my purchases via check. I wrote the check over for $20. Why? Because, that's what you do when your account balance shows in red and you know the check will get there minutes after your hubby's direct deposit does. So, I gamble, although I prefer the term, "creative financing." I paid for the stuff, was almost out the door when I realized the clerk, cashier, dumb bitch, did not give me my change. I'm fine with that, mistakes are made. So, I return to the line, let the cashier girl know and she....ROLLS HER EYES AT ME. Never once acknowledging a mistake may have been made. She calls her supervisor woman to come and count her drawer. She tells the supervisor, "Like, I can't remember if I gave it to her or not." The SUPERVISOR sighs loudly and explains to me that "Now we have to count the drawer, close her line and run a total, it will be a few minutes." Fine by me. They do all that, giggle, and then hand me my $20 bucks. Excuse me, no words spoken to me, all I got was rolled eyes & sighs. I wasn't asking for groveling by the cashier, but I also did not deserve to feel like I asked them to scale a tall building or run a few laps around the parking lot. I took my $20, then told the both of them, "look, I don't really like working with the public either, however, I choose not too. The eye rolling and sighs, while a nice touch, are not really what they teach you in the Wal-Mart Customer Service College or whatever training they give you, is it? The supervisor did apologize and say "We've just had a really stressful day." I could only say, "I imagine so, if you're this rude by 9:45 AM. Y'all have a nice day, k? Buh-Bye! I'll drive the extra 20 minutes to Target from now on."