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Do the Laundry, Dammit!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Noni has an infactuation with bras and panties. She has a "set" for little girls that she loves to wear. She also gets her 2 piece bathing suits and wears them to sleep in her "bra & panties." She did this last night, her Tommy Hilfiger bathing suit were her jammies of choice. She did take the top off to go to school. She wanted to wear the bottoms, no big deal, I let her. Well.....somehow or another, (most likely Noni told her) the teacher found out she had on the bottoms. When asked why, what did my little angel reply??? "My mom hasn't washed clothes and I didn't have any panties so I had to wear these." Hmmmm......guess who's not being named mother of the year, AGAIN??? And just for clarification, half of the country could run out of drawers before my little one...she has way too many...but now...I'm the mom that doesn't do laundry and sends her kids to school with bathing suits on...ROFLMAO