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That Boy Is Talented....

Thursday, September 15, 2005

This week Noni and I were on the couch just being silly, talking, laughing, etc...Just mommy/daughter stuff. If you read my blog you'll remember we got a new puppy, Sable. Well, as is the case with most new puppies, Sable has had an accident or three around the house. I always get the mess up, then Steam Vac it really quick, no problem. Well, while we were having this little span of bonding time, Nathan was watching Noggin on the TV. Suddenly we were hit with a horrible smell. It was nauseating. I assumed the dog had shit on the carpet again, put on my glasses and what I saw next was truly horrendous. The TV screen was covered with some horrible brownish goo....Next my eyes went to my baby boy. Yep, my little Picasso had got some special order DooDoo #2 out of his diaper and proceeded to paint a wonderful abstract piece right on top of Darling Dora. Cleaning SHIT my boy's new artistic medium off of himself, the TV and the carpet was NOT on my list of things to do that day...however, I did it. Needless to say, I did NOT find any reference to this sort of activity in my MOMMY MANUAL.