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People are strange 2!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Okay, I will confess...I went to Ruth/Silly Bunny's site...read her guestbook...saw an entry from a man who appeared to be her biggest fan. Geeezzzz....I followed his link...can someone...anyone...explain just what in the hell this guy is talking about?? How do people like this even figure out how to use a computer? First, he'll tell you about his coin purse, then you'll get some tips on stopping the kid from bedwetting...please get your envelope and stamp ready...it involves mailing W...(as in George W.), then last, but certainly not least, check out his silver go-go bar...and try to keep the impure thoughts out of your head....yep...I see why he likes Silly Bunny....he's a wascly wabbit himself....be vewwy vewwy qwuiet I'm hunting wabbits...all I found so far are a couple of loons....