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My Soon to be Ex-Mommy Mobile & the Cheap Bastard

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Okay....It's ugly as homemade sin...I know this...however...it has a rebuilt engine -just put in, A/C that works wonderful....cruise control and the inside is immaculate...and 4 brand NEW tires, ALL Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler products used shitty paint in the 90's. For 300-500 bux depending on where you go you can get it painted...I want something newer...yeah...I let him do all that then decided I didn't want to drive it anymore...he's cool with that, I am tired of having to drive a mini-van....a Mustang would be awesome...but not do-able with all the Rugrats I have to cart around...However...I don't think that the old van is worth a fortune...I looked it up...took the price down $750 to accomadate for paint and then offered it in the paper for $1000....hey, I would take $900....I've had the usual crew of Mexican construction workers, (they're supposed to be back Tuesday-ya right) and this one man that has talked to me, talked to my husband, talked to the mechanic that put the motor in, he's driven it, he's brought his wife to look at it...I told him before he looked at it...it's ugly as hell, get a paint job and it would be great....so, he finally decides he wants it....I was TOLD by people that know about this shit to not take less than $950....Cheap bastard says, "will you take less?" I answer, only because I am tired of being stuck here with no car (it's at my parent's with a For Sale sign also) anyway....in a generous mood I say..."Okay, I'll take $900" He talks to his wife a minute and says, "she's only got $800, what do you say about that?" I tell him to tell her to get another $100 and it's all hers...he's talking it over with her now...