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Why I am a Daddy's Girl...

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

As mentioned before, I am the daughter of a Baptist minister..an edumacated one..he has a Ph.d honey....but yeah, a preacher's kid...hell yes...we are the worst kind! I have to say that my Dad isn't a close-minded, judgemental, hypocritical, hit ya with the Word up side ya head for everything man....in other words, he ain't one of those that's gonna hear "Depart from me....I know you not!!" Just to illustrate my point, and further explain where I get some of my sarcasm from I'll share with you a few things I've heard my daddy say...and it's not childish to call your father Daddy, unless you ain't in the South or he ain't a Daddy type!

Example 1: While riding with my dad and two other men, one a deacon I think, those two men had put down just about every race but the White one in an hours drive...very stupid things were said, Dad just kept driving....finally one of those buffoons shuts his mouth long enough to draw a breath and asks my dad this question, "Pastor, settle this thing once and for all...what color do you think God is?" My dad not wanting to get into the whole explanation of God not having a color per se...I guess he figured that would just fly right on over these idiots heads...paused a moment, (We were at an extremely long red light) winks at me, and turns around to face those two nuts, then just as sweet as you please honey, He says, "Well, after listening to your comments over the last half hour or so, I can't figure out really which you hate more, Black people, Asian People, Mexican People or the others that you've mentioned, I can only pray that when you get up there, and all people will eventually, I hope when it's your turn to face God that He's whatever race or color that you've talked about and hated the most." He then turned around and continued on to our destination. The car was kinda quite after that...LOLOLOL

Example 2: Different people, same idiot status, while arguing about religions and which ones are "right" my dad had to contribute this....He told the two or three guys a "joke" he'd heard once...Seems St. Peter was leading a group of people through Heaven...Old Peter was pointing out different areas, there was a Catholic section, a Methodist section and so on and so forth, however when the group approached one section Peter stuck his finger to his lips and said "Shhhhh...that's the Baptist room, please be quiet, they think they're the only ones here."

And my last example. A guy that was in a hospital waiting room when my dad was there with one or another of the church member's family overheard the fact that he was a minister. Not to let this golden opportunity slip by, he began a conversation with my dad. Let him know in no uncertain terms that he'd never grace a church with his presence, too many damn hypocrites. How could any rational person hang around such a bunch of hypocritical people. My dad, not trying to be unjust, just stated and affirmed his belief that for him church is an important part of his Christian life (I must state here that my dad is retired, he preaches at our church, a small church for a salary that will basically be enough to maybe pay for his and my mom's dinners out after church, he ain't doing this to get rich, he's doing what he feels he was called to do) anyway, my dad then states, "Hmm...won't go to church with a bunch of hypocrites, but you'll hang out and drink with them every weekend, shop in the same stores they do, and work with them...makes sense to me." And then continued on with whatever he was doing.....
I love my daddy!!!