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The Diva of Discounts...lol

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Well, since Katy said she likes thrifty moms...I thought I would share with you a tip every once in a while that a) shows how cheap I really am...and b) maybe give y'all an idea or two to use in the future. My very first tip is, (drumroll please) How to Save Money on Kidz Bubble Bath Ever been in the store shopping and you pass the bubble bath aisle with the kiddie stuff on it. Realize that it's huge mistake because this aisle is the beginning of hell. Please mommy I need some Barbie Bubble Bath or Spiderman, or whomever else they have in stock. The bubble bath is soooo overpriced just because it comes out of a pink bottle from the the heads of whichever character you bought...like oozing brain matter, squeeze, squeeze "see kids, this is what happens in the car when you don't wear your seat belt...you wanna end up like Barbie here with stuff coming outta the top of yer head? LOL.... Well, I broke my kids from doing that because they always have a FULL bottle at home. Nicklaus just could not comprehend a few years ago that his Scooby Doo was not some miracle that should be shouted about from the rooftops, like that woman in the Bible that shared her last bit of oil...and something else, I forget...anyway like that woman's oil supply, his Scoobster Bubble Bath never ran out!! Okay, here's the tip.... See those bottle down there? These retail from $2.99 up to $5.49 for 11 ounces of bubble bath. And you go through it in about a week...so...if you bought a bottle every 2 weeks or so...you'd spend anywhere from $72.00 to $132.00 a year! May not seem like much...but if you are on a budget..then yes..you could use that money for fun stuff, like add it to the car payment fund, or utility bill collection!

So, what you need to do with these is buy one for each of your kids in whatever character they want. Then go and get another bottle of bubble bath or baby shampoo. You can get the store brand items for about a dollar.

This one can be bought for $.99 most days at Wal-Mart and it's 32 ounces!! So, when the kids bottles are getting low, sneak them out if you have to, pour the cheap stuff in them and then when they start begging for more of this stuff all you gotta say is "I don't think so, you have a full bottle at home so....give it a rest. You're not getting a $4 bottle of bubble bath when you haven't finished the bottle you have now!!" LOLOLOLOL

Damn...I'm a penny-pinching, cheap ass Georgia girl...ain't I...but remember the more I save at home the more I get to spend on other stuff....