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Am I really my mother..just younger??

Friday, July 01, 2005

As I wrote earlier in my post about the pine cones, my mom was and is somewhat over-protective, hell a lot overprotective and a firm believer in catastrophe befalling in every situation. When I called her a week or so ago and told her about the beautiful deer that were in my neighbor's front yard, she said, "those things can attack you sometimes, ya know?" When I told her that the hubby and oldest son saw an alligator while camping a few weeks ago, c'mon, you guessed it, "that gator could go in the tent at night, ya know?" OY VEY MOM. That' s usually my cue to say "And mom, we could all get incinerated anytime if the ozone layer disappears, or global warming could fry our asses to a crisp any day now.." At which point I'm asked, "why do you have to cuss like that, I raised you better than that, you didn't grow up in a house with all that kind of talk," and so on and so forth...nope sure didn't, hell, I just grew up in a house where the likelihood of being killed my the most asinine things in this world multiplied day to day. One thing to note, Mom called the other day, asked if I heard about that child getting killed on an amusement park ride, I said yes, that was horrible. And then Mom says, "see, you thought I was nuts all those years warning you about those rides, now you see? " God I love my mom...but geez...And I think I may be turning in to her just a bit...God help me...we've had a huge amount of rain here in the boonies the last week or so...last month really, anyway...as I shared with you in an earlier post, all kinds of wildlife are making their way outta the woods for food or whatever, like that mud snake in the road (earlier post), I've met almost no one that even knew what in the hell that was, I mean hunters, men and women who'd grown up here and not one person had ever actually seen one of those creepy things...why? Because, they stay back in the woods, rivers, swamps, mud, wherever. They like it back there and I like them back there. Deer are coming in the back yard and walking around, munching on the garden...hubby doesn't like that. Anyway, I can only come up with this conclusion...if that mud snake from hell was coming out of the woods for whatever reason, then there is sure as hell gonna be some more kinds of snakes, I know that there are water moccasins (these snakes will chase you, even if you don't bother them..they are really aggressive)behind our house, the river isn't that far back there, the lawnmower messed up and the grass is fairly high up back there also. There are also Rattlesnakes and other nasty stuff that should stay back there and we'll stay up here, thank ya very much. Anyway, Nicklaus was home with Nathan & myself yesterday, and he was bored....as much as Noni and him fight, they can't stand it when the other one is gone...It's the first day it hasn't rained here in God knows how long and Nicklaus wants to go outside and catch a granddaddy-longlegs(a spider if ya don't know) or a frog to go in the "Critter Catcher" they made in Bible School this week...anyway, I say "sure, but don't go in the back yard the grass is too high, you could be on a snake before you'd know it, (yes I have an English degree, no I do not talk like a professor at home...) don't go under that blueberry tree/bush thing either, and the circle of trees right there, you see how shady that is, don't go there, snakes like shade...and over there by the swingset is kind of shaded and for God sakes don't go near those azalea bushes, God only knows what could be curled up there. What?? I'd left him with approximately a 6 x 6 area to roam free in, what more does he need? At the end of this he looks at me and says..."Ummm...Mom...I'll just stay inside." Oh crap...I am my mother...