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Thank You Katy!! And Sam! And Livey!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

One of the first blogs I started reading was The Grass Isn't Greener!! Katy is a Hoot, an Army wife and Texas Girl!! She named me her Wednesday Wonder Blog. To quote Katy herself, "Holy Ape Shit Batman!!" Thanks girllllllll....even if you ain't from Gawja (that's Georgia to those who cain't speak Suthern) you alright girlfriend!!

I couldn't write a post about thanking someone without mentioning my new friend
Sam, we're gonna meet one day...hafta she's an F-ing-ham girl too!! (that's Effingham, y'all) I look forward to seeing you and Stacy soon!! Leave the crazy people back in Texas...Hey Katy...you know them loons? LOL

And this lady, I love her...in her own words she's crazier than bat shit...she's a hoot and a holler, Check out
Livey - PLEASE BE SURE TO TELL HER THAT RUTH SENT YA!! She'll get the joke..promise..and if she doesn't...you can sleep sound, she doesn't know how to find ya...or does she?? LOLOLOL

well, anyway,.....thanks y'all!! I think maybe more than 3 people read me now...hell, I could have 5 or 6............YeeeeeeHawwwww