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NEVER Send a Man To Do A Woman's Job....

Friday, June 29, 2007

Hubby called on the way home from work. It's Friday, that's Payday baby!! He was stopping by the "place we do not speak of" on the way home and wanted to know if I needed anything. "Why yes I do, I told him." "What?" asked hubster. Well, Momz replied,

  • Pads

  • Tylenol PM

  • Chocolate

We don't have to guess what time it is, do we ladies? Anyhoo, he's done this a million times. I'm not picky, I only have two specifications.

  1. Make them the Super kind.

  2. NO WINGS, I don't do wings, I am not flying anywhere.

    I am on my period, not embarking on a friggin' vacation.

    When hubby arrived home, I went to help him unload the stuff he got at the "place we do not speak of." Following is our conversation as we walked to the van.

Hubby: "Kellie, I went to pay for "those" things and they were $14!!!"

Me: "$14??? Geez...what'd you do??? Buy me enough to last until menopause??? $14, what kind of pads did you buy me? They better be lined with gold. $14, I've never paid $14 for pads in my life....this I gotta see."

And see I did. This is what my darling husband, one who's purchased feminine products for me a million times bought me.

This is what the Poise description is:

Let’s face it — period pads just aren’t designed for the specific wetness and worries of bladder weakness like POISE® products.

Me: "You dork, you bought me pads for people that piss themselves."

Hubby: "Are you serious? I just looked at the picture of the big pad and it said Super on it."

Me: "Well, guess I won't have anymore annoying trips to the bathroom at night anymore...I can just lie there and pee all I want....(I really wouldn't do that...ya know...well, unless I was reallllllly tired....BWAHAHAHAHA)

My next move? I have got to call LIVEY and tell her this one....damn...I hope she's home.....

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