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Does Anyone Even Bother???

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I must confess, I am sick and tired of getting emails alerting me to the dangers of drinking bottled water left in cars, using deodorants and the like. NONE OF THESE CAUSE BREAST CANCER....plus the endless myriad of missing children, stolen kidneys and the like. Please people, you can forward this to all the people on your email list...and be considered quite the luminary in the field of warning your friends...IF YOU JUST VISIT WWW.SNOPES.COM FIRST AND VERIFY THE INFORMATION. As for me, if I leave my water in the car to get piss warm and then drink it...the only thing that is going to happen to me is I'm gonna need to stop by the store and grab a nice cold Coke & I am going to continue using deoderant so I do not let everyone smell my underarm funk...I live in the South...deoderant is a neccesity...if you want to have anyone around you again!! So, if you are scared of getting breast cancer, and thus have stopped using deoderant, please email me all you want...just don't come to my house. Thank you.

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