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Owning A Home

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One of the first lessons that we learned about owning our own home is be prepared to tackle DIY projects. Want to paint a room? Hang some wallpaper? Overhaul a kitchen? You don't have to ask anyone if that's okay. It's your home, go ahead and do it! On a less positive note, if your drain is clogged, or you have a leaking faucet, then that's up to you as well. No landlord to call to fix that one! Because we have all of this now, I love watching all the home improvement shows. I've become quite addicted to them. I have slews of DIY projects lined up. I want to put up wallpaper borders of the movie Cars in Nathan's room, camouflage in Nicklaus' and of course Noni needs Tinkerbell. Plus, as they grow older, it won't be anything to take the borders down and put new ones up. I also think we need to add a doorbell, that's right, our house doesn't have one. When we are in the den, as we always are, we never use the living room really, and someone knocks on the door, we don't hear them. Now, usually it's just a delivery of some sort, who's gonna travel all the way out here in the boonies to just pop in for a visit. But, I do actually look at the good and bad side of home ownership. And the positive far outweighs the negative. Yeah, if something goes wrong, it's on us, but, if I get the notion to paint a room purple, (my favorite color) I can do it without asking anyone!! Of course, Joey wouldn't like it too much....but meh...I get bored, ya know?

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