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Monday, June 25, 2007

Our friend has a son that is 21 years old. He goes to our church. I am one of his favorite people, and he is mine. He would ask advice a while back about stuff, or just call and come by and see us. He got into drugs pretty bad. End result? He was placed in jail for one count of Criminal Damage 2nd Degree and one count of Theft by Taking. The damage was done by him and another moron and it was to an unfinished house. They went joyriding in a construction vehicle thingy. Anyway, both were non-violent, not toward another person. Well, he was in jail for 18 months. He is on parole until next year sometime. He will be on probation for 13 years and then he has to wait 7 years after that to own a gun. I just don't get it. Both crimes were non-violent and weren't even classified as typical "drug" charges. He will be tested for drugs every 30 days and if he fails on test, he goes back to jail for 15 years. Folks, this is hunting country. He could go out in the woods with Joey or his dad and have something to do this fall/winter and the next 20 years or so, but he cannot or he faces being put in prison again. He cannot own a gun until he is 43 years old. I just don't understand when I've heard of murderers and armed robbers getting much less than this.