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Monday, June 25, 2007

Today’s America is a vast melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities. Rodeo Drive Plastic surgeries recognizes the differences involved in performing surgeries on those of Hispanic, African American, Middle Eastern, Asian and Native American people. In fact, over 50% of their clientele are of different ethnic background because they know that Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery leads the country in ethnic plastic surgery. Utilizing a systematic approach to plastic surgery is how Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery stays ahead of the game.Rodeo Drive recognizes that different bone and body structures exist and they perform their procedures with careful skill and planning to maintain overall ethnic identity and balance. Some examples of how they lead the pack in surgeries include the following considerations:

1) Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery recognizes that darker skin tends to scar more noticeably. In order to alleviate unsightly scarring, the surgeons have developed an innovative technique to closing the wound. And thus lessening noticeable scars. Let's face it, you head over to get a little
Beverly Hills breast reduction, you don't want to leave with the girls having bad scars, do you?

2) Some ethnic groups have distinctive structures to their noses. In some, the nose may be a bit flat, the surgeons graft cartilage from elsewhere in the body and refine the appearance a bit. However, close attention is paid to not change the overall structure of the face.

3) No standard, one scalpel fits all. Some ethnicities age much differently than your standard European/Caucasian people. Special care is given to determine what are the aging signs and what should be done to best serve the client and his/her overall appearance?

At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery a large number of Los Angeles liposuction procedures are for their male Latino and African American patients.

Their website is full of useful information for anyone interested in seeking plastic surgery. There are sections about Financing, the practice's appearance In The Media, Testimonials and they even have a blog! It's well worth a quick click on over to the site. However, I should say that these are medical web pages, with photos, and may be offensive to some people. Myself? I found it fascinating.