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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nicklaus and Noni brought home yet another fundraiser from school. They normally do not participate in them. Why? Well, it seems the days of the $1.00 candy bar sales are long over. What dumb ass, overpriced idea do we have this time? Well, for the low, low price of only $18.00 we can purchase cases of Coke products. That's right, the cases that I buy on sale for $6.00 can be had for the low, low fundraising price of $18.00!! Sorry, we do not have spare cash lying around to pay that much for an item we can get for $12.00 cheaper. So, I am a bad, non-involved parent again, I guess. Meh....I, my kidz and the school will survive I am sure. It seems this is not only a Georgia phenomenon, Mommy Dearest says she thinks that her kids' school may have the impression that she has a money tree in her backyard, and she doesn't...damn...wish she did...I'd love to get a branch or two.

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