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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It is really possible to two siblings to run a parent crazy by arguing over everything under the sun???? Well, the short answer is "Hell Yes!!" I swear if I ask one to help do something, and GOD FORBID, the other one, comes to help as well, WWIII breaks out. I am talking about Nicklaus and Noni here, Nathan is the only one that acts like he has a dab of sense...anyway....I called Nicklaus into the laundry room, while Noni was picking up the den, to help me load the towels in the wash. I am trying to show him how to do a little bit of laundry, maybe it will help his wife out one day....who knows...anywhoo....Noni comes in to help also. Is that allowed in Nicklaus' world? Why hell no...he was called to help, and he should be the one to help and no amount of reasoning will deter his hissy fit. These two argue over who gets to sit where in the van, who gets to watch what, who gets to go out the door first. I swear....these two would argue over who gets to smell a fart first when the someone cuts one....I thank God, that although I was not an only child, that my sister was older than I was and therefore my childhood was not spent arguing over who got to see outta a car window and which side we got to see out of. It's gonna be the death of me...I tell ya....because Nicklaus is 11 and Noni 5, by the time they stop doing it, it will be time for the second string to begin....Nathan and Noni. Funny...I have "I Will Survive" running through my head right now....probably because I DOUBT IT!!!