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What The World Needs Now....is Loveeeeeeeee

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Anyone who reads my blog knows of my recent marital difficulties.....even though we weathered that storm, it's not easy. I know we love each other a lot and that is what makes it worth working on. I know the love is there, I know we are committed to one another, however, I have pinpointed one thing that is lacking, and I know I miss it the most. What is it? It's romance. If you're single, I know you've heard all about eHarmony. They seem to be a really thorough site, matching up people based on their likes, dislikes, personality and the like. I wonder, if I'd gone through something like that site, instead of the regular old-fashioned, lock myself outta my house and have the really hot guy next door help me in, (okay, so maybe not the normal way, but we ended up married....he was my knight in shining armor, sorta) anyway....back to the original idea. I wonder if I'd used a site like that....would I have more romance? Would I receive short letters of love telling me how my significant other sees me, what I am to them? Or would I just have the same day to day life of knowing we're in love, but being too tired to show it more....mortgage is due, oldest son is ate up with ADD, a middle child that thinks she's a grand diva at age five and a three and a half year old that refuses to use that horrible device, known as the potty?? Just my two cents statement....whatta ya think??