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Things that make you go...hmmmm....

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

About two weeks ago, I had the following conversation with my mom....whom I love dearly, but sometimes just don't understand a whole hell of a lot. Which, I am sure, she doesn't understand me a whole hell of a lot either.

Upon spying a dish of eggs dyed bright red in the fridge.

Me: "Momma, why do you have Easter eggs already?"

Sidenote: Momma is a southern thang....if you ain't in or 'round the South...guess you won't get it.....

My Momma: "They are not Easter eggs, they are in case someone comes in and wants a hard-boiled egg, they will know which ones are boiled."

Me: Ummm....Momma, how many times, in your whole life, has someone walked into your house and said, "Chris, I have got to have me a hard-boiled egg, do you have any?"

My Momma: "Oh, Kellie, I read in a magazine that it was a good idea. Why do you make something out of it? It also helps me and daddy remember which ones are boiled and which ones are not..."

Me: "But, Momma, you and Daddy are the only ones here and the other ones are in a carton.....uhhh...."

My Momma: "Oh, Kellie, they are my eggs, just forget it. It seemed like a good idea."

Me: "Okay....

a few moments later......

Me: (giggling just a little bit....) "Hey Chris...I'd love to have me a hard-boiled egg....which one of these are cooked."
My Momma: "Kellie, shut-up."