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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

There are many things I love to do. Traveling is one. I absolutely LOVE staying in hotels, love it. However, packing is not something I love to do. Making last minute Hotel Reservations is another thing I don't like doing. However, I have used THIS site for last minute Hotel Reservations and it's awesome. We decided to go to the NASCAR race in Darlington, SC a few years back. Correction, hubby and eldest son went, I and the two little ones stayed in the hotel, and had a grand time. However, I forgot to make Hotel Reservations and everybody and their brother's family went to this race. Last minute, I'm panicking checking a blue million hotel sites all have no vacancy. I came across a Hotel Reservations site and not only did I find a hotel, I found one we could afford, with the proper amenities. Proper amenities you say? The Nutz household simply must have an indoor pool and 2 King sized beds honey!! And, we got it. When every other site, even the site's of the hotels themselves, said "No Vacancy" somehow this site got a room, got a great price, and I booked it in no time at all. The room was exactly as promised, rate was guaranteed and we even got a late check-in/out. This is really a great site. I've only used it for domestic Hotel Reservations but....

This Hotel Reservations site offers many great deals and discounts ( up to 70% off!!) on domestic and world-wide destinations!! They not only offer Hotel accommodations, you can also book great stays at Bed and Breakfasts and also rent Condominiums!! You can also check out their great deals on Vacation packages! You have over 1,370 destinations to choose from, the option of entering one city or two! All world-wide! If you need to check out and reserve Flights, that's available as well. Need a car rental? Don't worry, this site has you covered!! So, if you are traveling in the future or just want a great deal on a last-minute weekend getaway, check out: