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Well, we sure as hell didn't need Scooby or Mystery, Inc. for this one, did we?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I've decided that when referring to something my dear huzzband does, I will NEVER make the statement, "You MIGHT be a redneck if..." Why? Because there isn't an "if" involved. I just added it to be, oh hell, I don't know....amusing? What removed any and all doubt, if any, I may have had? Coming home the other day, and seeing this, IN MY FRONT YARD:

And he seemed quite put out that I seemed displeased. What in the crap do I have to be pleased about? Apparently, I should thank God and the Saints above that he got it for free. Of course, it has no motor (dear God, he's getting one of those for "free" also), we have no boat trailer, the boat must have extensive work done, ( a father-son project- my ass, that boat will sit there until the 30th of February,) and who-in-the-hell knows what else....What is next?? Toilet planters like this one??: